Tanning Prep

Tanning Packages:

  • $150- unlimited (for those very pale competitors)
  • $120- up to 3 coats of competition bronzer (for those competitors with a base tan)


Our service includes: 

Touch-ups before stage, suit gluing, and glazing. 


We are committed to giving you our best.

Contact Kim Trahan at TS Spray Tanning.
Email: getspraytan@yahoo.com
Call or Text at 337-288-6508


Get exfoliating shower gloves from Walmart etc.. 

Baking soda with dial bar soap to make a paste to scrub using the gloves- the week before, shave the night before – use paste after – do not come with deodorant, cologne, or sweat on your body. Wear VERY LOOSE, BAGGY, DARK CLOTHING (nothing red) FOR AFTER TAN. (Think pajama pants) flip flops.

Hair and Makeup

Preparation for Hair:

24 hours before arrival shampoo and condition your hair. Not the night before.
If you’re bringing clip in hair extensions, make sure the hair is shampooed and conditioned. Also, flat ironed if necessary.

Preparation for Makeup:

  • No facial waxing 72 hours prior 
  • Arrive prepared for makeup with a clean face. No makeup, do not use moisturizer, Retinol, anti-aging products.
  • Dress attire, wear a zip up jacket or a button down top to help prevent hair and makeup from getting messed up


  • $180 for hair and makeup
  • Makeup includes lashes and touch ups
  • Hair includes touch ups if needed
  • $50 deposit fee non refundable via PayPal
  • Hair ONLY $80
  • Makeup ONLY $100
  • Touchups will be included all day!

Contact: Kayla Hatcher of The Monroe Salon
Call or Text: 225.937.1129

**There will be a team of hairstylist/makeup artist on-site
for pre-booked appointments